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Balancing your financial contributions - creating impact and achieving confidence.

Transform your relationship with non-profits and gifting for a better today and tomorrow

Why I Started


After a decade working for a non-profit world and a decade in the corporate world, I have realized these are two different groups that struggle to understand one another. Blackbird Consulting Group is built to bring value and impact to your contributions. Our process is designed to provide simplicity for Individuals, Organizations, Boards, Executives or Employee-driven gifts while clarifying your desired impacts and outcomes. Most importantly, we provide surety that all contribution compliance requirements are met and all recipients have the integrity you expect. 

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Laura E. Jones

I spent over a decade guiding a small non-profit in rural Ohio from start-up to fundamental element of the community. Prior to that I spent a decade in the Corporate world. It did not take long for me to realize that there is a huge gap between non-profits seeking donors and individuals and corporations seeking to make an impact in their communities. Ironically, there are hundreds of websites, programs, and people to "make you a better fundraiser" and advise the every element of fundraising. Yet assistance to donors is almost nonexistent.


This is Blackbird. It is  a personal mission. Our goal is to teach you to be a successful and savvy donor in order to impact your passions. There are better ways to give and we want to teach you. We advise donors. We are 100% confidential. We are just as happy when the donation line says "Anonymous" so long as a the goal was achieved.


While we love our clients, our goals is not to be an impediment to your giving. We will be here as long as you need us, but our goal is not to reduce impact. Let us get you going and then we will get out of your way. Besides others need help too. 

With Love, 

Laura E. Jones

Donor Services

Not all donations are the same - some are advised. Give better. Let us focus your mission, give the to best charities and have biggest impact and reach.  

Introduction to Giving

Impact What is Important

Effective donation is not about the act of giving to others but the passion behind it. This simple concept is so often overlooked. Let's talk about your passion. This introductory consultation is on us and we will never charge for this service.  Giving is our passion.

Corporate Giving

Find Your Path

Let's design an employee driven gifting campaign.  Inspire your team to develop goals, strategies and implement a campaign that  invigorates their passions for the causes that matter most. 

That is just one model of giving, let us find what works for you. 

Compliance Services


We offer a complete online archive of your campaigns and gifts all accessible in real time.  You can quickly and easily find all donations including non-profit registrations, tax filings and more.  Successful giving relies on confidence and trust. 

Success Stories

“Laura Jones is a great asset to our non-profit organization. Her knowledge of both the fundraising and donor side of financial development make her the perfect consultant for our organization. She has a deep understanding of what non-profit organizations need and how to connect with donors who are passionate about those needs. Prior to Blackbird Consulting, our annual fundraising campaign was disorganized and donations were hit-or-miss. With Laura Jones on board we were able to match community needs with donors who were passionate about those specific needs. The end result being better fundraising results for us and targeted impact for donors which ultimately led to increased support for our community. Laura’s work didn’t just impact the Y or the donors, the work she’s done for us has impacted our entire community.”

Trevor Sprague, CEO Ashtabula County YMCA

Contact me to find

your way to a better way to give.

1214 Chestnut Drive Ashtabula, Ohio 44004


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